Auto Electrical Lighting Repairs and Replacements

Ipswich City Auto Electrical provide auto electrical lighting repairs to passenger vehicles, trailers, trucks and machinery.

Our professional installation process makes sure that the replacement products are fit for your vehicle, are efficient, and comply to roadworthy and safety regulations. Please give us a call to have your vehicle booked in for any lighting issues.

LED Headlight Conversion:

About time to replace your halogen bulbs? Why not try an LED headlight upgrade? Beyond the sleek look, LED headlights use much less fuel, improve your vision and have a greater lifespan. Having a professional install new LEDs is important to ensure the right brightness is used, and that the lights are positioned properly for the safety of yourself and other motorists.

When preparing a car for an LED Headlight Conversion, it’s important to consider how surrounding vehicles are affected and whether the car is safe and legal to drive following the installation. We’ll make sure that the new LED headlights, while brighter than your original halogens, won’t absolutely blind oncoming traffic. This means using the correct LED brightness and positioning them correctly, so your car will still pass a roadworthy inspection.

Lightbars and Spotlights:

Whether you’re a 4×4 enthusiast or just want to up your safety when you’re driving on unlit roads. We can source a brand you like, or install a product that you’ve purchased yourself. We’ll make sure your new lighting equipment doesn’t drain your battery and is installed in a spot that maximises lighting effectiveness and conforms to regulations.

Auto Electrical Lighting Repair Services

Get in touch to book your vehicle in for any auto electrical lighting repairs, replacement and upgrade services. Call (07) 3496 1612.