Alternators & Starter Motors

Alternators and Starter Motors

Ipswich City Auto Electrical provide a range of mechanical services for alternators and starter motors on passenger vehicles, trucks and earthmoving equipment. Our small team of fully qualified auto electrical specialists have been operating in Ipswich since 2011, providing fast, affordable and reliable services for all our customers. If you’d like more information regarding our full range of alternator and starter motor services, please get in touch on (07) 3496 1612.

Alternator and Starter Motor Rebuilds & Repairs:

For the most part, when a modern automotive part fails, it can be difficult to justify rebuilding and repairing it compared to getting a replacement piece with a new part warranty. We do, however, give the option of rebuilding and repairing alternators and starter motors where there’s part scarcity on an older vehicle, or it’s more economically feasible to do a simple repair rather than replace the entire unit. We’ll consider your options and recommend the best solution for you; be it a genuine replacement, aftermarket replacement or repair.

Battery Replacement and Charging:

Chances are, by the time you’ve noticed your alternator or starter motor has died, your battery has drained along with it. We’ll assess your battery’s health and determine whether you’ll need a replacement or if charging your battery overnight is a more viable solution.

Car or Truck Won’t Start?

If you are experiencing problems with your alternator or starter motor and your vehicle won’t start then get in touch with us to arrange our mobile service to come to you.

Alternators and Starter Motors

Get in touch if you require servicing, repairs or replacements for any of the elements in your alternator or starter motor. Call (07) 3496 1612.