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Vehicle Accessory Installation Services

Ipswich City Auto Electrical provide vehicle accessory installation and second batteries for caravans, 4x4s and performance vehicle enthusiasts. We’re all about making your life easier and improving your vehicle to suit your needs. We’ve got access to an array of genuine and aftermarket parts to suit nearly any budget, including:

  • 4×4 accessories
  • Lightbars and Spotlights
  • Solar Power Kits
  • Fridges (w/ Dual Battery setup)
  • Additional power and USB sockets
  • Electric brake controllers

Furthermore, if you’ve bought a part online that has become a nightmare to install, we can take care of that for you as well! Please give us a call on (07) 3496 1612 to see what we can do for you.

Vehicle Lighting Installation:

Yes, we do lightbar and spotlight installation! We’ll make sure that your lighting is perfectly located on your vehicle to ensure that lit distance is maximised and that your vehicle won’t be handed a defect notice for an improperly fitted light. We can even perform LED headlight conversions. See our page on lighting for more information.

Dual Battery Setups:

Looking at getting your new fridge installed, or got a whole bunch of accessories already installed that a single battery can’t handle? Our team can install a secondary battery for your vehicle for stable, reliable power to your auxiliary accessories, ensuring you aren’t left stranded by an unnecessary power outage. We’ll take care of all wiring and setup, even installing your new accessories after we’re done! Depending on the space existing inside your engine bay, we can install your new battery alongside the existing one, or relocate them to your boot to save space and redistribute weight.

Towing Accessory Installation:

Need an electronic brake controller or some other piece of hardware to help you tow safely? Let us handle it for you. We’ll make sure that your electronic brake controller complies with existing regulations and that your vehicle will safely stop your caravan, boat or trailer in an emergency without damaging either vehicle.

Vehicle Solar Power:

Got a caravan you’d like to take around Australia? Have solar power installed to allow you to go anywhere you like, without the need to go and pay for a powered spot at a caravan park. We can cater to budgets big and small, and we’ll advise you on what size installation would suit your intended power consumption.

4×4 Accessories:

We carry a range of 4×4 and camping accessories and have access to much more to suit your personal needs & requests. Give us a call & to have a chat about your vision and needs, we’ll give you informed advice and recommendations, and discuss the accessories we have and what we can source. We’ll work with you to ensure we’ve got all the bases covered and we deliver exactly what you are looking for.

Vehicle Accessory Installation

Get in touch to book your vehicle in for any of our accessory installation or upgrade services. Call Ipswich City Auto Electrical on (07) 3496 1612.