Rewiring & Upgrades

Vehicle Rewiring Services

Ipswich City Auto Electrical repair and replace wiring in cars, trucks and classic vehicles that suffer from corrosion, damage or are in need of a restoration. We use high quality parts and we always advise you on the most cost effective option that keeps your vehicle reliable without stinging your pocket. In addition to restorations to OEM specification, we perform resto mod re wiring, whereby adjustments can be made to cater for fridges, TVs, battery relocation and more.

Please give us a call if you’d like to arrange an inspection to see what your vehicle needs.

Do I Need a Complete Vehicle Rewire?

Sometimes older vehicles, or vehicles that have had a rough life subject to lots of corrosion, will have faults throughout the entire vehicle and require a complete or partial re wire. We perform complete vehicle assessments and look to see if there’s systemic evidence of wire failures requiring a complete re wire, or if there’s just some spots of your vehicle that have been subject to above average wear and tear.

We aren’t out to empty your wallet, and if we can find a cheaper solution that is safe and reliable, we’ll always choose that. Sometimes it’s just a simple case of one wire in the loom needing replacement which can be done rather than replacing the whole loom. We treat every car we see on a case by case basis.

High Quality Parts:

We always look for genuine parts whenever possible, but sometimes there’s better quality to be had from an aftermarket solution. All wiring is done with well insulated, high quality wire and all components are designed to last – there’s no point cutting corners on such an important part of your car. All parts come with manufacturers warranty, and our installation procedures account for your intended use, e.g. if you off road all the time, we’ll make sure the wiring is able to stand up to rougher conditions.

Beyond high quality replacement parts, some people are looking for a drastic change to their vehicle. Some of our customers looking for more performance will occasionally ask for a new engine management systems or wire loom to offer greater performance capabilities – we can take care of all necessary wiring. If you’d like us to install additional routing and wiring for things like appliance installation or battery relocation, ask us for a quote.

Classic Car Restoration:

Whether it’s an exact restoration or a resto mod, we’ll consult with you to meet the perfect balance of vintage authenticity and modern convenience, depending on your vision for your vehicle. We use well insulated wire and high quality replacement parts for durability, and we always make sure they’re fit for purpose. Although wiring is usually hidden away, we apply the same perfectionist principles you’d expect elsewhere in the build.

Vehicle Rewiring Services

Get in touch to request more information regarding our vehicle rewiring services or to book your car, truck or earthmoving equipment in. Call (07) 3496 1612.