Performance Vehicles

Upgrades for Performance Vehicles

Ipswich City Auto Electrical perform auto electrical upgrades for performance vehicles including rewires, ECU installations, fuel systems, battery relocation and performance electronics. Our team of qualified and highly experienced auto electricians are just as keen about their cars as you and are more than happy to have a chat to ensure your vision is properly carried out.

Auto electrical upgrade services we commonly perform include:

  • Aftermarket gauges
  • Aftermarket ECU and Wire Loom Installs
  • Rewires and hidden wiring
  • Battery Relocation
  • Boost and Nitrous control
  • Fuel systems
  • Ignition systems and upgrades
  • Performance Electronics
  • Racecar wiring
  • Braided lines and hoses

Please get in touch with us to arrange for performance upgrades.

Aftermarket ECU and Wire Loom Installation:

Chasing greater performance and need an ECU that lets you go to town on it? We can source and install an aftermarket ECU or splice a wiring loom for increased performance capabilities. While we can’t do set ups on all models of ECU, we can make sure that the aftermarket system is correctly installed and ready for tuning.

Thoroughly Designed Wiring:

Our team includes auto electricians with experience in racecar wiring design. After considering your intended use, be it racing or leisure, we’ll make sure that your wiring uses quality insulation and is properly shielded from heat. We take pride in delivering well thought out and aesthetically pleasing wiring design. Got wiring that looks like a dog’s breakfast after you’ve just done a tune up or engine swap? Let us take care of it; we’ll ensure all wires are arranged correctly and do their job, without looking like a spider’s web. They’ll be tucked away and grouped together in orderly groups so they’re both easy on the eyes and easy to repair.

Battery Relocation:

Got a lightweight car, or just nuts about chasing performance around the track? We offer battery relocation services, moving your existing battery or an upgraded lightweight battery to the boot to free up engine bay space and distribute weight a bit more evenly around your vehicle. Our battery relocations look neat, are easily accessible for replacement, and are most importantly, safely positioned so they aren’t disrupted by other luggage in the boot.

Other Performance Upgrades:

Due to the specialised and intricate nature of performance upgrades, it’s difficult to list everything that we do. Looking for specialised accessories like gauges or electronics, or specific interior accessories to be installed? Give us a call and let us know what you’d like done. Our team of highly experienced technicians can cater to all needs and have experience in installing and designing just about everything.

Auto Electrical Upgrades:

Get in touch to discuss our auto electrical upgrade services and the changes that you’d like to make to your performance vehicle. Call (07) 3496 1612.