Auto electrical accessories in today’s vehicles

Today’s vehicles are packed full of auto electrical accessories to make driving safer and more comfortable, things like power window, mirrors, audio and entertainment systems, climate control and air conditioning, make our trips more enjoyable and comfortable.

auto electrical accessories

Systems like anti-lock brakes, SRS and air bag systems, navigation and instrumentation systems,  are designed  to make our vehicles safer, like all electrical systems, problems occur with these and the team at Ipswich city auto electrical can diagnose and repair these systems. Installation of any of the auto electrical accessories available today is able to be done by our skilled auto electricians.

Some of the auto electrical accessories we fix:

Electric Windows:
If for some reason your electric windows fail or won’t open or close properly, we can check, repair or replace window control modules, window regulators and other window system components.
Wiring Systems:
We can repair or install wiring systems for cars, trailers and caravans. If you need a tow bar fitted, or a trailer plug fitted to your car, new lights for your trailer or your trailer rewired, we can help. We can check, repair or install  indicator lights, brake lights, fuses and connection plugs to your car, trailer or caravan or horse float. We can also install electric braking systems for towing to make your towing safer.

 Gauges & Instruments on your dashboard:
Our auto electricians can repair your car’s dashboard (also known as the instrument panel) which contains instrumentation and controls important to driving your vehicle. If  warning lights come on in your dashboard, your problem can be detected and repaired quickly.  Warning lights can be for a range of engine or accessory parts such as Check Engine Light, Battery light, oil, fuel or temperature lights, brake or park brake lights, seat belt or door warning lights and are all important to identifying potential malfunctions in your car. Leaving warning lights unattended when they light up could be costly or possibly indicate an imminent breakdown.

Fuses, Relays and Switches:
If you have an electrical fault with your car, it could be as simple as a faulty fuse, relay or switch, which could be easily fixed. We can check the switches and fuses and relays and diagnose the problem.

Batteries and Terminals:
A reliable working battery is the main power source to your car’s electrical system. General maintenance to your battery and battery terminals should not be overlooked. Simple things like corrosion on the battery terminals can stop your car from starting and can also lead to power draining from the battery. A simple clean up of your battery terminals or replacement can make the difference between your car starting and not starting.

Windscreen Wipers:
If your windscreen wiper motor is not functioning correctly, it can stop your wipers from working when driving in the wet. It is important to make sure that if  your wipers are operating slowly, infrequently or not at all, that you get them checked out to ensure safe motoring in all weather conditions.

If any auto electrical accessories on your car need repairs, be sure to book in for a check up today.

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