About your engine computer systems

engine computer system

The engine computer system’s main function is to make sure the engine delivers power to the car,  when the driver needs it, while at the same time ensuring the fuel consumption is at its optimum and the engine emissions are as low as possible.

More recent engine computer systems, control the electronic throttle ( some cruise control ), the correct amount of fuel injection through the electronic fuel injectors, the correct quantity of air for the engine torque and the correct amount of spark for your engine.

Additional functions the engine management system may perform depending on the model of car are not limited to controlling electronic stability programs, ABS braking and fuel injection systems. Of course if the engine is hard to start, using too much fuel, running roughly, hesitating, or has generally poor performance you may need your engine computer system looked at.

So if your car is running poorly, let us check your engine computer to make sure you are getting the best fuel economy.

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