Starting and charging systems

starting and charging systemsAutomotive starting and charging systems consist of an alternator, starter motor, battery, and the wiring and circuitry that connect it all together.  In most cases if the battery charge light has been coming on while driving, this would indicate an issue with the alternator. If your vehicle is having trouble turning over and the battery is in good condition this could indicate an issue with the starter motor. These can be checked by the technicians at Ipswich City Auto Electrical.

We only use the highest quality parts and complete units, all repairs and replacement parts are covered by a 12-24 month replacement warranty.

  • Starter motors- highest quality units and repair parts available
  • Alternators- highest quality units and repair parts available
  • Batteries- we use and recommend Delkor calcium batteries, all come with a 2 year replacement warranty when used in passenger motor vehicles

If your car’s starting and charging systems need looking at, call our professional team.

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