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Automotive lighting systems in today’s cars are becoming more complex and most are now computer controlled and not serviceable by the average DIY mechanic. All of our technicians are trained and qualified and can take care of simple bulb changes to wiring problems that your car may develop. As an authorised Phillips lighting specialist, we can help with all standard replacement globes, headlight restoration and lighting upgrades.

automotive lighting

Automotive lighting for safety.

In poor lighting situations such as bad weather and darkness, accidents can increase by over 80%.

So if you want maximum safety for yourself, your passengers and other road users, you need to have the best safety technology.

Phillips Daytime Running Lights (DRL) give your car a new level of safety, by making it more visible to oncoming drivers while also adding the same stylish look seen on upmarket European vehicles.

Phillips have set a new standards in automotive lighting with their LED DRL technology, offering a powerful and long lasting product in a kit which Ipswich City Auto Electrical lighting specialist can install for you.

LED lighting is powerful and bright white while having very low power consumption. This means your Phillips DRL is more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.  Philips lighting promotes “active” safety protection to prevent accidents by increasing overall visibility and illumination. This allows drivers to see and be seen better, further down the road, so that they can avoid potential hazards.

automotive lightingWhen combined with passive vehicle safety features, Philips active safety automotive lighting solutions help enhance overall driver confidence and promote a safer driving experience.

The market trend for automotive lighting is always on the move with the latest technological breakthroughs. Drivers understand more clearly about the relationship of good lighting to the safety and comfort of driving.

If you would like us to install or repair any section of your automotive lighting, give us a call.
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